Is your goal to be a more organized person and get control of your clutter?  Clutter-free & Organized will offer solutions to help you tackle all the projects you are stressed by in your home.

Are you wondering if you are chronically disorganized?

Here are three criteria:

• Do you have a history of  disorganization?
• Does your disorganization affect your quality of life and of those around you?
• Have self-help methods not proved effective in your case?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, you may be Chronically Disorganized (CD), and you are not alone. 

If you feel you are Chronically Disorganized but have been organized in the past, you may be what Mary calls “situationally disorganized”™. This is when it seems you are chronically disorganized – everything out of control – but life has just layered many situations upon you.  As you were taking care of the more important things in life, your clutter became overwhelming.

Regardless of which situation you are in, Mary has worked with numerous clients who are chronically disorganized. She has seen tremendous changes take place and people’s lives open up.

Disorganization can cause lack of harmony in family life.  Excessive time and effort can be spent trying to complete daily activities and projects.  This can lead to an increased feeling of frustration and lack of self-confidence.

Mary never judges her clients by their stacks or stashes. No matter where you are, the first step is to stop feeling guilty and to realize that help is available.

A chronically disorganized client writes:

“A big burden was lifted. I no longer feel stupid, lazy or incompetent. Those were the voices in my head, but after the first hour with you, Mary, I felt so much better, like things are going to be okay – a tremendous booster!  Thank you for making a positive change in my life.”      ~ AK

“Thanks so much for helping me with my ‘paper nightmare’!”       ~ LD

Mary has specific training for helping those with ADHD.   In 2008, she became an ADHD Specialist, a certificate awarded by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. She continues to attend conferences and take classes throughout the year to keep her studies current. In 2021-2022 Mary attended 20 hours of virtual conferences and classes on ADHD.

Can Mary help you? Yes – Mary understands and has empathy for persons who are chronically disorganized.  She understands your situation and feelings, and she brings the tools and methods needed to work effectively with you.  Clients have told Mary that her caring, compassionate attitude made it easy to work with her.

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Feel free to contact me to discuss your situation. Let’s see if I’m a good match to help you become Clutter-free and Organized.  You can also visit the website Institute for Challenging Disorganization for additional information.

Does your office suffer from Chronic Disorganization?

Mary, I was so embarrassed about my messes and didn’t want to have anyone see my situation.  When you are so buried, it is the hardest thing to ask for help, but I could tell from talking to you that you understood.  When you came, you made me feel so comfortable and were not judgmental.  I always felt so much better at the end of each appointment.”                                                           ~ MH

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