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Clutter-Free & Organized: Fast, Easy Organizing Solutions For Paper Piles and Your Office

$12.95 Soft Cover Book

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Mary’s book, Clutter-free & Organized – Fast, Easy Organizing Solutions for  Paper Piles and Your Office, is a quick read with easy-to-apply solutions to your organizing issues. Begin your exciting journey toward less stress, more time and the ability to clearly focus on your goals.  A must have for the office or home!

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“I really like your book!  It is to the point, short and easy to read.  There is a lot of ‘meat’ in the book and it focuses on what is important.”   – Mike Hill, physician

“I won your book at a program.  I read the book immediately and began to de-clutter my office the same day.  I made several trips to the recycle bin and made a significant improvement to my office. Not long after, a surprise safety audit was conducted, and I passed with flying colors!  I also loaned the book to co-workers and got something started.  Thanks for all your help and inspiration!”    – Elizabeth Phillips, Project Manager


Reduce Mind Clutter – Feel the Freedom 

Reduce Mind Clutter - Feel the Freedom

Is your plate too full? Do you feel like you never have time for what is important to you? The book Reduce Mind Clutter – Feel the Freedom is designed to help you process your Mind Clutter, so you can focus on what is truly important to you.

Freedom comes when you are in control of your time and feel more organized. The goal is not to just get more done but to improve the quality of your life. Learn simple solutions for your organizing, time management and procrastination challenges. Using these strategies will help you successfully eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Visit the Smashwords website and you will find the new downloadable and printable eBook. It is filled with many great strategies that will help you “Feel the Freedom”!


Zippy Bags

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$24.95 plus Shipping

Kit includes: 30 heavy duty Zippy Bags – clear plastic bags with zip-top closures.

Click here for a list of the many ways to use Zippy Bags!

Zippy Bags are:

Stronger than those found in stores

• Oversized (12 x 15) for a variety of projects

• Sturdy and reusable

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For someone special, order a full day of hands-on work with Mary! Make change happen in just one day!

Telephone coaching has proven to be successful and is also available – an hour per session. Sessions can be scheduled at the client’s convenience.

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