Clutter-free & Organized provides coaching, on-site productivity solutions, consulting and seminars.  Our practical strategies will strengthen individuals and teams by simplifying procedures and organizing work flow.

Is your business losing money due to disorganization?

Money Drain

  • By spending company time looking for lost papers and receipts?
  • By losing billable hours due to inefficiency?
  • By missing an opportunity for sales because contacts are not being followed up?
  • By spending revenue on storage space to keep things that aren’t needed?

Use this calculator to discover your business’ annual lost revenue.

Benefits of working with Clutter-free & Organized:

      – Better workflow
      – Improved communication and customer service
      – Enhanced productivity
      – Reduced stress and better teamwork
      – Improved attitudes and lower turnover
      – New techniques to reduce procrastination


Stop the time, money and profit drain on your business!

Open and print the Motivating Business Quiz to give to your employees to discover if they are managing company time efficiently.

Print this Project Action Plan to guide you successfully through your next big project!

Through hands-on-work, consulting, seminars, analysis and trouble-shooting, companies have saved thousands of dollars in otherwise lost revenues and inefficiencies by using Clutter-free & Organized solutions.


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