• "Mary does more than organize your space. She helps me organize my mind and life - without her, I would be wasting a lot of time and energy. She organizes my priorities both for work and my personal life. Without her help, I would not focus on the right things."
    Maudie Briggs, President/CEO of Morrison Communications
  • "I no longer have the ‘procrastination’ pile on my desk, and my desk has remained organized and clean."
    John Hinkle, Senior Vice President and Manager of First Tennessee Bank Operational Center
  • “Mary, I am enjoying my room! Thank you so much for helping me get on track. You made it seem so easy. I don’t know how I could have done it without you. My biggest wish is that everyone could be as easy to work with as you. All the best!”
    Lalla Phillips
  • "Yesterday's program was terrific.  Your energy, your ideas and the action card were amazing."
    Laura Barron, The Barron Group
  • "Mary was great! She was fun and knowledgeable and answered all our questions."
    UT class participant