• "Yesterday's program was terrific.  Your energy, your ideas and the action card were amazing."

    Laura Barron, The Barron Group

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed our organizing day! The garage looks absolutely fabulous. You gave me motivation, and I’ve been straightening all kinds of things around the house! Thanks again!"

    Aleex Conner

  • “Mary, I was so embarrassed about my messes and didn’t want to have anyone see my situation. When you are so buried it is the hardest time to ask for help, but I could tell from talking to you, you understood. When you came, you made me feel so comfortable and were not judgmental. I always felt so much better at the end of each appointment.”

    Marge Hughes

  • "I no longer have the ‘procrastination’ pile on my desk, and my desk has remained organized and clean."

    John Hinkle, Senior Vice President and Manager of First Tennessee Bank Operational Center

  • "Mary was great! She was fun and knowledgeable and answered all our questions."

    UT class participant