Does your office suffer from Chronic Disorganization?

If the title makes you laugh and feel like you have been found out, let me assure you, that you are not alone.

How do you know if you could be considered to be Chronically Disorganized (CD)? A study from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization found that if you answer yes to two of the three following questions, you meet the criteria for being Chronically Disorganized:

  • Does the lack of organization affect the quality of your life?
  • Is trying to get organized a life-long struggle?
  • Have you tried self-help methods that have not worked?

Disorganization costs a person either money if he is in business for himself, or promotions if he works for a company. The stress can even affect his health besides causing a strain on relationships.

Sometimes a person struggling with this may even have a neat area in his workspace, but it takes all his time and energy to stay organized. Time and energy that could be spent on a career or enjoying life is consumed by being organized.

Many of our clients think there is something wrong with them because standard organizing methods do not work for them. There are many creative ways to organize for the chronically disorganized. It is important that a customized system be created that matches a person’s organizing personality, space and needs.

Our clients tell us that working with a compassionate person has started them on the road to freedom. A compassionate person is one who:

  • is not judgmental,
  • realizes how hard it is for you to let go of items and
  • realizes that you have not let this situation develop by choice.

“During my 25-plus years as a professional organizer, I have seen people’s businesses move forward as the chaos is tamed, and they start having systems to follow and become more organized. If you find yourself on total overload, take comfort in knowing that help is available.”    ~Mary

~ Organizing Services for businesses may be taken as a tax deduction ~

 Does your home suffer from Chronic Disorganization?

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