Produce More in Less Time
Maintain Focus
Manage Work Assignments Easily
Decrease Stress
Increase Job Satisfaction

Clutter-free & Organized offers several on-site solutions for your office.  Through hands-on work, consulting, seminars, analysis and troubleshooting,   companies have saved thousands of dollars in otherwise lost revenues and inefficiencies.

On-Site Solutions:

  • Working with individuals to improve organization and time management
  • Conducting seminars for staff members
  • Providing efficient office relocation programs
  • Promoting telecommuting and home-based business productivity

Benefits of working with Clutter-free & Organized:

  • An office with a smooth, efficient workflow
  • Peace of mind because your business is secure and stable
  • Less stress and turmoil
  • Better use of time and less procrastination

~ Organizing Services for businesses may be taken as a tax deduction ~

“Mary does more than organize your space. She helps me organize my mind and life – without her, I would be wasting a lot of time and energy. She organizes my priorities both for work and my personal life. Without her help, I would not focus on the right things.”

– Maudie Briggs, President/CEO of Morrison Communications

Now that you know about our On-Site Solutions keep reading to learn about our Virtual Coaching sessions