Clutter-free & Organized can make your current space feel larger and function more effectively whether it’s your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom or the whole house!

Has getting your home organized been on your “To Do List” too long?

Your home should feel like your sanctuary.  If it’s in turmoil, so is everything else.  We can turn your home into a relaxing place to be!

Which of the areas below could be transformed in YOUR HOME?

Paper Piles                          Kitchen                         Garage

Home Office                      Closets                          Are you planning a move?

Read below for organizing strategies that might work.

If you feel overwhelmed, contact Mary for help.

Paper Piles

Are you buried under a mound of old mail and paper stacks in your kitchen, bedroom, dining room?  We can help you stop wasting time looking for bills, files, notes and reminders and be more productive.  Reducing the visual clutter will also reduce your stress!

Home Office

Running a business from your home?  Do you spend more time looking for things in your home office than actually working on them?  We can help you develop systems for your home office that will increase your productivity and reduce your stress.


Everybody seems to need more cabinet space.  How do you get it without building an addition onto your house?  We can help you transform your kitchen into an efficient, enjoyable work center.


A cluttered closet reflects a cluttered life. If your closet is cluttered, it starts your day off wrong.  The opposite is true too – an organized closet generates a feeling of control.  Closet organization is one of the most frustrating areas of organization in most people’s lives.  We have years of experience helping people understand how to both organize and manage their closets.


Bicycles, unpacked boxes from your last move, and the golf clubs you haven’t used in three years – they’re all living in the garage.  What isn’t there?  The car!  We can return your vehicle to its rightful place as well as make your garage a practical storage space.

Organizing a Move

Preparing for a Move:  An organized home looks and feels larger.  Since everybody wants more space for their dollar, creating this perception of more space can be key in selling a property.  Clutter is the second biggest obstacle in selling a house.  No matter how big a closet is, if it looks cluttered and crowded, the prospective buyer is going to think the closet is too small.  Our decluttering expertise will make your house look bigger – plus you will have an organized move.

After the Move:  If it is cluttered before the move, it is chaos after the move.  We can help ease this transition by unpacking boxes with an organized approach that will make you feel “at home” in your new house as quickly as possible.

We have the organizing skills and experience to work with you to accomplish your goals!

“We are having much calmer mornings getting dressed with my organized closets.  You have won our heart.”                                                               – Frances Foster

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