A lot of the time, those with Chronic Disorganization are labeled as “packrats” or “clutterbugs.”

The average person with Chronic Disorganization has around 3000 documents, 40% more
housework on their To-Do List, and 15-20% of their income goes toward late fees. They are
often creative individuals who cannot seem to stay on top of their chores.

Chronic Disorganization is often marked by a failed attempt at organizing self-help. Chronic
Disorganization affects day-to-day activities, and it may only be evident in one area of one’s
life but is often seen over several areas. It usually occurs over a long period of time, possibly
several years.

There is no quick fix for Chronic Disorganization, but those who suspect they have Chronic
Disorganization should start with 3 main goals:
1. Let go of shame and guilt and move forward.
2. Have a better understanding of organizing pitfalls
3. Generate ideas to start changing one’s own organizing thought process (This can be a
lengthy process.)

If attempts at “fixing” Chronic Disorganization on your own have failed, it may point out the
need for professional help.

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