Has your car become your second office and dining room?

Are you embarrassed if someone needs to ride with you?

Here are some quick types to get the car back in control!

I spent a long time vacuuming up the crumbs remaining from my many “dashboard dining” meals. I remember a cartoon where cleaning up from a meal means getting all the fast-food bags out of the car!

Over the years I have done TV segments on car organizing, so I hope these tips help. In my real life, I have to do this also!

• I spend a few minutes when I get in my driveway and get all the trash together
• Organize what I need for tomorrow
• Gather what needs to go in my office and separate what goes into the house.

If you have children, they can be doing the same with their stuff while you do yours.

It also helps to…
• Think of your car as another room of your house
• Pick up regularly
• Plan a few minutes once a week to purge anything you don’t want in the car for the next week.

You will feel like a new person when your car is Clutter-free & Organized!

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