Seminars available:

Reduce Mind Clutter - Feel the Freedom

Reduce Mind Clutter – Feel the Freedom: Solutions for Creating a Clutter-free & Organized Mind 

Review Life Layers |  Identify Your Organizing Personality Reduce Connection Time | Plan for “The Gap”

Achieve Maximum Productivity with an Organized Mind

Conquering Your Near Environment | Controllable Workplace Stress                   Managing Technology | Increasing Focus Time | Procrastination – The Time Tornado



Organizational Skills for Business Success

Conquering Desks | Efficient Filing Practices | Planning, Prioritizing Projects | Utilizing Project Action Plans | Effective Email Management


Time is Money Logo

Time Management in a Fast-Paced World: Business Strategies that Work

Time Management | Organizational Skills | Overcoming Procrastination | Increasing Focus | Controlling Technology



Real Solutions for Becoming Clutter-free & Organized

Know Your Organizing Personality |Harness the Power of Standing | Learn the CFO Organizing System | Avoiding Procrastination Pitfalls | Preventing Bulging Files | Using Desk Rescue


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Why include coaching?  We remember 50% of what we see and hear. We remember 90% of what we DO.  Put your need for a smooth operation into action and set up your on-site training today.

~ Organizing Services for businesses may be taken as a tax deduction ~

Seminars will transform you, your office and your staff from disorganization to being “Clutter-free & Organized”.

Seminars are available with follow-up coaching.