Mary shares simple systems that her audiences can immediately apply to increase their productivity and gain control of their environment.

Meet Mary PankiewiczDo you need a speaker whose topic is of major concern to the majority of people today?

Do you need a speaker who has an outstanding history of bringing in record attendance?

Do you need a speaker whose material relates to the needs and stresses of today?

“I will customize programs to meet my clients’ needs. My programs are based on my over 20 years of hands-on experience working with clients, so the material is practical and usable.”   ~Mary

 Mary Pankiewicz, a certified professional organizer, will help you be more productive!

 Professional Development Classes and Corporate Seminars are available.

An attentive audience listens as Mary discusses strategies to increase productivity.

Topics include how to:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Prevent Procrastination
  • Organize Offices
  • Reduce Work Place Stress
  • Control Technology
  • Improve Delegation Skills

After the first group met with you, I immediately got feedback that exceeded all my expectations . . . I had no idea how big an improvement “Clutter-free & Organized” training would make in the operation of our business (especially as we prepare for a huge remodeling project).  It is one of the best investments we have ever made.”                                                                               – Deborah Stevens of Lewis, King, Krieg & Waldrop, P.C.

Seminars available:

Reduce Mind Clutter - Feel the Freedom

Reduce Mind Clutter – Feel the Freedom: Solutions for Creating a Clutter-free & Organized Mind

Review Life Layers |  Identify Your Organizing Personality Reduce Connection Time | Plan for “The Gap”

 Achieve Maximum Productivity with an Organized Mind

Conquering Your Near Environment | Controllable Workplace Stress                   Managing Technology | Increasing Focus Time | Procrastination – The Time Tornado


Organizational Skills for Business Success

Conquering Desks | Efficient Filing Practices | Planning, Prioritizing Projects | Utilizing Project Action Plans | Effective Email Management

Time is Money Logo

Time Management in a Fast-Paced World: Business Strategies that Work

Time Management | Organizational Skills | Overcoming Procrastination | Increasing Focus | Controlling Technology



Real Solutions for Becoming Clutter-free & Organized

Know Your Organizing Personality |Harness the Power of Standing | Learn the CFO Organizing System | Avoiding Procrastination Pitfalls | Preventing Bulging Files | Using Desk Rescue

Call Mary to discuss which program best meets your needs.

Why include coaching?  We remember 50% of what we see and hear. We remember 90% of what we DO.  Put your need for a smooth operation into action and set up your on-site training today.

~ Organizing Services for businesses may be taken as a tax deduction ~

Seminars will transform you, your office and your staff from disorganization to being “Clutter-free & Organized”.

Seminars are available with follow-up coaching.

 – Schedule of Classes –

Personal & Professional Development Classes at UT Conference Center
600 Henley St. Knoxville, TN
To register, call 865.974.0150 or register online.

~ List of Classes offered – Class Descriptions follow ~

Personal Development

There are currently no classes scheduled through UT Conference Center.

Don’t want to wait for the next class?  Contact Mary and ask about Phone Coaching to accomplish your personal organizing goals now.

Please continue to check the website and Facebook for updates.

 Professional Development

Class Descriptions:

Conquer Your Clutter

If you struggle with organization and often get overwhelmed by the amount of clutter around you, this course is just the solution you need.  You’ll learn organizing techniques that teach you how to successfully tackle projects and how to find new ways of viewing your possessions, making it much easier to de-clutter your life.  We’ll also discuss organizing principles that you can use for every area of your life.

Time Management Strategies 

Forty percent of a person’s ability to work is perceived by the condition of his or her desk.  Through this course, you’ll receive specific organizing techniques to help you conquer today’s increasing flood of information through mail, e-mail and other paperwork.  You’ll gain more clarity and learn to focus on what is important in you work.  As a result, you’ll be able to spend more time on getting your priority work completed and work under less stressful conditions.

Bring Your Organizing Challenges

Do you ever get stuck when trying to complete an organizing project?  In this new course, you’ll receive personalized solutions for your organizing challenges and walk away with a customized plan to keep you moving forward.  Benefit from your instructor’s 21 years of experience working with clients to help them become clutter-free and organized.

ADD/ADHD: Success Strategies for Work & Life

In this course, we want to give you a sense of hope and empowerment as you work toward improving daily challenges caused by ADD.  You’ll be given a variety of techniques to increase your success with time challenges and to help with organizational skills, and you’ll learn proven ways to complete projects and avoid distractions.  Together we’ll work toward improving the overall success you have in your daily life, whether on the job or in a social setting.

Conquer Home Paper Piles

Can’t find your latest bank statement or your child’s permission slip?  Are you suffering from stacks of paper, magazines and catalogs?  Join us and learn how to conquer those chaotic paper piles!  You’ll discover how to make stacks disappear into organized material that you can retrieve when needed as well as systems to keep your mail from piling up.  The course fee includes the book “You Can Be Clutter-free & Organized – Fast, Easy Solutions for Paper Piles and Your Office”, written by Mary Pankiewicz.

Successfully Organize Your Kitchen, Closets and Small Spaces

If you often get overwhelmed by the amount of clutter around  your home and haven’t yet found a way to get it all organized, this course is just the solution you need to get on the road to a clutter-free home! You’ll learn key strategies for organizing bedroom, bath, linen and hall closets as well as your children’s closets.  We’ll also uncover the secrets you can implement in your everyday life to clean and maintain all the closets and small spaces in your home.

Dealing with Sentimental Clutter

If you’re drowning in a sea of clutter and aren’t sure what to let go of and what to save, this course will give you guidelines and help you find solutions.  We’ll discuss how to make decisions on various items such as greeting cards, gifts, family heirlooms, pictures and more.

Achieving an Organized Mind

Achieve life balance by reducing mind clutter. Through this course you’ll learn techniques for managing your time and workload, allowing you to become more productive, reduce stress, and reach your professional and personal goals.

Improve Planning & Prioritizing and Prevent Procrastination

In this workshop, you will learn proven techniques that increases effectiveness and productivity while planning and prioritizing daily tasks.  We will explore ways to prevent procrastination and provide participants with a personalized action plan. These strategies will help you avoid unnecessary stress and burnout.

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