Conquering Your Mail

Clutter Collecting Thinking Trap: I’ll just quickly glance at my mail and deal with it later.

Organizing One-Liner:  Don’t touch your mail until you can process it!

Processing your mail means making decisions:

1.  Am I really going to order out of this catalog?

2.  I will put this bill with the other bills to be paid.

3.  These items are critical so they need to be filed.

4.  Magazines go where I read them.

5.  These items were not requested so out they go!

Tip: Process your mail standing and you will be more efficient!

Reduce End of Year Stress

Feel like you are on overload?

Give yourself permission to cross some items off your list, or at least say, “Not this year”.  One of my clients used an expression that I love.  When she was working on one area and became concerned about another, she just said to that area, “It’s not your turn!”

Writer and linguist Lin Yutang says, “Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the nobler art of leaving things undone.”