If you are planning a closet organizing project, here’s how you can have a lean closet full of clothes that you love!

L is for Lean – Less is Best . . . We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. All those other items are just space hogs keeping you from putting great outfits together because you can’t easily see what you have.

L is for Love – Keep only Clothes that you Love. . . Wearing clothes that you love makes your day brighter. Get rid of all of your guilt clothes – you aren’t wearing them anyway.

Having a hard time deciding? Here is the Golden Question: Would you buy the item if you saw it in a store today?

Does organizing your closet make you feel overwhelmed? Maybe it’s time to call for help. I frequently organize closets with women and men, so give me a call.

Together we can make it happen quickly!


    1. When I work with a client, I always ask this Golden Question: “If you saw this piece of clothing in the store today, would you buy it again?” I get an almost instant decision following this question and the answer is almost always “no”. Hope this helps!

  1. Mary Great Advice! I’m working on paring down my overstuffed closets and organizing them to be easy access. Thanks

    1. Jenna – Thanks for your message. I am so glad that the tips in the blog were useful. Do you get my monthly ezine? You can sign up for it on the website and receive easy organizing tips each month. Mary

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