After a great week at the beach enjoying surf, sand and shrimp with family, I came home to
computer problems. Talk about coming back to the real world with a reality jolt. Immediately
having a speech to give and a class to teach just added to the pressure. A few other issues
needed to be resolved such as office phone problems. I realized, instead of plowing ahead, I
needed to pull back and allow myself some recovery time.

Here is what helped. I stopped and got my house in order – everything from the trip put away.
Then I did the same with my office. I had done a presentation and some marketing while on
vacation – that material all needed disassembling plus there was email to catch up on.
Working some when at the beach isn’t really work to me, because I look at it as marketing
which may create other opportunities to work and be able to walk the beach.

I realized this idea of having recovery time might be useful to others when I was talking to a
coaching client who had had several “life items” that made her get behind. We discussed what
she needed to do for recovery to take the pressure off.

What do you do for recovery? If you are feeling stressed, is this something you need to think
about? Often when we get behind, it isn’t inefficiency but “life items” that are soaking up time,
and that is okay. Stop and identify where your time has gone.

Hopefully you will smile because you’ve been having some fun. Then think about what is most important to do to get back on track. Make a recovery plan.

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