Clutter and weeds have a lot in common.  Consider:

1.  Think before you pay for something – where will it go and do I have room for it?  If I am not careful, I bring home pretty plants that sometimes die because I do not know where to put them.

2.  Plants are a lot like collections – a few are nice but too many become clutter.

3.  It is a lot easier to pull small weeds, just as it is a lot easier to tackle small areas of clutter.

4.  Even when you have room for things, it may be more than you want to take care of.  I live on a farm,so my yard can grow in any direction, but at this point, I have too many flowerbeds!

5.  Humor makes life easier.  One of my flowerbeds has a sign that says: Weeds For Sale, Pick Your Own!

Is weeding out your clutter on your To-Do List?  That’s my specialty.  Call me – I can help.

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